Hunter Boots.

I have been wanting a pair of these for years. I am thinking since Oregon starts to downpour from October-July I will invest in a pair of some really nice rain-boots. When I found out that they retail for $125 I kinda freaked out that they can charged that much for a bunch of rubber, but from what I hear they are not just your ordinary rubber boot. They are timeless style aka you can wear them forever and they hit your leg at the most flattering spot. I can't decide which color to get???? Their are so many colors, but I can tell ya I am leaning toward the traditional forest green color that the royal family wears (the story).

The red are super cute to...but I feel like they would go with a lot less.

My top colors would be: 
Green, Black, Red, Yellow.
What is your fav?


  1. I'm usually all about the basic colors... black, navy, brown, grey... but I saw a girl with the green ones on at the farmer's market here in Portland... I'd go for green.

  2. i have always wanted green, but freaked out about the price as day!


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