You'll Never Hear a Whipple Say...

i made another video at the annual family reunion.
they had to finish a sentence. which was:
You will never hear a Whipple say...

we came up with some true, funny, and sweet ones...mostly about being cheap, working the yard, eating to much ice cream, and playing our favorite sport...ha.
i don't know why but it always surprises me how our family loves the camera. we had so many crack up shots. uncle alan killin it, jake wanting an oscar, and penny the rising star.
not to mention me looking really homeless in a few of those shots...just woke up, no makeup, overly tired, and a raspy voice from loosing my voice on the first day of the much talking.
a couple people didn't make it shy i guess (wink, wink)

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  1. I am, like, rolling on the ground over here. That was hilarious. We already need to start thinking of the theme for next year's vid!!


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