Hey, I'm Lauren.
I was born, raised and educated in Oregon.
I graduated from University of Oregon in 2012, where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism and Communication, Public Relations Major, and minored in
multi-media & communication studies. 
I graduated from beauty school in 2009 because I love making people pretty.

I met my husband in the 1st grade,
then we fell in love in High School, and then tied the knot in college.
After graduation we moved to UT, CA, and TX...and wondering where we will go next.

We added a bully, Pippa Victoria, to our family.
Her rolls kill us.
She is non-stop love.

I started this blog as a journal.
then it turned into a school project
then it turned into my hobby.
It's something I enjoy now & hope you find some fun in it too!