Conner's Wedding.

My cousin Conner married Riley on the first day of June. The wedding was in Salt Lake City and so happy we got to attend! The day was jammed packed... ceremony, lunch, and reception...oh and a post-reception Leatherby's Creamery stop with the fam. I love weddings. I love getting dressed up, eating yummy food, and seeing family you rarely get to see. Here are some"candids" I took, I went a little crazy, but that's just what happens when I get a camera in hand.
Here is HB and Andre's depiction of Scott and Kourtney...and yes Ronan is suppose to be Mason and yes HB's baby in the belly is suppose to be Penelope. Yeah I think we nailed it!


  1. we absolutely love these pictures!! thanks for taking them :)

  2. Lauren,
    I felt like a family member!! Thanks!!!


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