Date Night.

 Fondue is a MUST. plus we got the fondue thingy for a wedding gift so we HAD to use it! (don't know the proper name.sorry.)
 Aly and Nick came over for some din and dessert. BLAST.

 Who needs the melting pot anymore!?
 Thai food, pot stickers, egg rolls, edamame, blood orange drink from Trader Joe's is bomb.
 Found this apron: Born to shop. Forced to cook. at tj's of course:)
 This picture I look so yikes, but I am a true friend of posting a good picture of Aly.

Date nights just got more fun, when you have your own place... I feel like a little grown-up hosting a dinner.


  1. How fun. I have never had fondue. It looks like you guys had a blast. If you want to see my blog message me your email on facebook and I will approve you.


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